FEMARELLE® - a Novel Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator (SERM) for the Management of Menopause and Bone Loss
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Debbie M.
Hello, I have been taking Femarelle which I ordered from you for two weeks now. I am 48 years old, have had 6 babies, and was sterilized in 2006. For the last 4 months I have had awful hot flushes, all day and all night, and dreadful mood swings. After research, I calculated it was low Oestrogen, and rather than take HRT I looked for an alternative. After 3 days, I noticed a difference. I am now no longer suffering from hot flushes in the day, and only a few in the night. I know it is because of Femarelle, as I have just begun ovulating again after 14 months of not ovulating at all!
I am going to carry on taking it, as it has been the only thing to help me. Believe me I have tried everything herbal etc etc.!
Just wanted to give some feedback to you.
Thank you! Regards from Debbie

Before I started taking Femarelle I felt like a different person: moody, angry, dry and worst of all I had no desire for my husband. I'm very happy to say within a few weeks I was starting to feel like my old self again. Within a month I was feeling much better than my old self, I'll never look back. Yes it's expensive at the side of other products, but for the quality of life it's given me back, it's priceless.

A friend told me about these and as I was starting to have hot flushes and the rest at age 53, I started taking them, yes they are expensive and I know this may not work for everyone but I only take one per day and it is working fine at the moment, so this is worth considering.

Having been offered HRT but not wanting to go down that road at 49 I took time and researched alternative products. Femarelle is probably the most astonishing product I found and quite literally changed my life in a few short weeks. Expensive? Yes! but to get a good night sleep and to feel normal again is priceless.

Excellent product which when taken continuously has dramatically lessened my hot sweats and menopausal tiredness. I have tried other tablets and none of them work but this one really does!

Within the first month of taking Femarelle combined with Sage leaf,I noticed a huge reduction in the hot flushes and I was actually able to sleep through the night. The tablets are expensive in my opinion but they helped to give me my sanity and life back how can you put a price on that!!

Missey julie
Worth every expensive penny! H&B are the UK distributor for this food supplement compound which I purchased after researching non-HRT alternatives. I noticed a diminishing of severity of hot flushes within 5 days. Two weeks later my skin & temper are improved & my hot flushes have GONE & I am sleeping through the night. This product obviously works for me. 

My husband got his wife back - makes me feel like a normal woman again :-) have used evening primrose all my adult life but at 43 felt I needed to try a Menopause product and not a pre-menstrual one. WHAT A DIFFERENCE. Thanks Femarelle.

Having been on the tablets for a little over 2 weeks I have noticed the hot sweats( which were causing me great discomfort) have greatly reduced. I am very pleased at such a early stage in the useage to be feeling the benefits & long may it continue

I am so impressed with this product, I felt better within a week of taking it. My family have noticed a positive change in me, I'm not as moody, my migraines have almost stopped, my general well being is so much better.

Mrs. Sandra Cooper, Charlotte, NC, USA
I had a year of totally not functioning. I had hot flushes 24-7. My work, my sleep, and life were affected. I took Femarelle for 5 days and all symptoms drastically improved. I am recommending your product to all my friends.

Mrs. Jane Markov, Ridgefield, NJ, USA 
I thank you, makers of Femarelle! … I was suffering from menopausal symptoms, what misery. My Gynecologist suggested Femarelle as and effective, estrogen-free way to make me feel myself again. Five weeks later I am nearly symptom-free. Hot flashes and night sweats have subsided, and my sleep is deeper and more restful. I have tried other products to ease my menopausal symptoms, and nothing, nothing compares to Femarelle. Once again, thank you for your superiorproduct and for the return of well-being.

Mrs. Merethe Mikkelsen, Norwegian Musician in the US
I just wanted to thank you! I’m a jazz musician living in LA, USA and have had a tough time the last years. The last three weeks have been like a lasting dream! I used to suffer from joint pain; it was not only painful but also embarrassing as I, after hours in the car, which is quite common here in LA, have looked like an 80 year woman leaving the seat. I have been so oversensitive towards sounds,­ of all things in my profession, ­ I have had to use the dishwasher during nighttime as the sound has been intolerable. Earplugs have become my best friends, in concerts, on the beach and elsewhere in the city. However, it is unbelievable how my everyday-life has been fantastically changed.
My husband and I are very thankful for you… 
Now, I have energy, and joy in my life, and, not least, I don’t get angry with the smallest incidents anymore; my reactions have been a burden for both of us. I have been angry and ill tempered beyond description. The other day I got my FSH-values, and I’m in peri-menopause. The last three weeks have been beyond description both for me and the ones I love!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!

Martha Kellogg, Miami, Florida, USA 
My doctor told me over a month ago about a product I could take twice a day and that it was not estrogen therapy. That product was Femarelle. You see I have been on estrogen replacement therapy for 16 years and agonized over all the controversy surrounding estrogen and breast cancer because of my own multiple breast biopsies, abnormal mammograms, and history of breast cancer in my family. I feel relieved that I finally have a 
product that really does help me with my menopausal symptoms and health concerns. Believe me when I tell you I searched, without success, for an alternative to what I was taking until I tried Femarelle. I have noticed a significant change in the hot flashes, and my sleeping pattern has improved. And I am finally off estrogen, which was a major concern after having a sister diagnosed with breast cancer. I am now managing my life with a natural product, which is a plus for me!

Linda from Wallington, Surrey, UK
I don’t have any real hot flushes or night sweats now. When I started taking Femarelle, it was as if I’d been reborn. It completely changed my life.  

Carmen de la Cámara, Madrid
Comencé a utilizar FEMARELLE en septiembre 2011 (hace 16 meses), por indicación de mi ginecóloga para intentar paliar los efectos de la menopausia. Anteriormente había estado siguiendo un tratamiento de estrógenos por parches y comprimidos, pero después de 5 años era aconsejable dejar de tomar estrógenos. Mi ginecóloga me dijo que Femarelle era un tratamiento muy novedoso y más eficaz que las isoflavonas o estrógenos de tipo vegetal, también me advirtió que el efecto se notaba a los 2 meses de tratamiento. Llevo tomando Femarelle de forma regular (2 comprimidos al día) y he notado que los síntomas típicos de menopausia se han atenuado bastante (menos sofocos, duermo mejor, la sequedad vaginal ha mejorado mucho, etc.) Es cierto que también tomo 1mg de Melatonina por la noche. Espero seguir utilizando Femarelle durante bastante tiempo (tengo 59 años y una vida muy activa, hago deporte, trabajo etc.).

I started using FEMARELLE in September 2011 (16 months ago), as indicated by my gynecologist to try to alleviate the effects of menopause. I had previously been following estrogen treatment patches and tablets, but after five years it was advisable to stop taking estrogens. My gynecologist told me Femarelle treatment was very novel and more effective than estrogen-like isoflavones or plant, I also noticed that the effect was noticeable after 2 months of treatment. I have been taking regularly Femarelle (2 tablets a day) and have noticed that the typical menopause symptoms have diminished enough (fewer hot flashes, sleep better, vaginal dryness has improved greatly, and so on.) True, I also take 1mg of Melatonin night. I look forward to using Femarelle for quite some time (I have 59 years and a very active life, I play sports, work etc..).

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